Thinning hair problem

By | December 9, 2014

Thinning hair problem

Many have the problem of thinning hair and alas could be for both men and women, and of course one wonders what to do but serves mainly to understand the underlying causes of thinning hair in order to intervene with the best care and treatment appropriate to the case evaluated by a competent Trichologist.

Thinning hair

A healthy organism, the physiological activity of a hair normally involves three phases, indicated with a greek word: a birth or anagen, catagen or a period of growth and death, telogen. In general, it is the same hair matrix to promptly replace the hair you lose during our daily activities, such as washing and it is estimated that we can get to lose up to 100-150 hairs a day on average, over this threshold, speaks of thinning hair. This physiological condition can be triggered by several factors such as: a state of impaired health and taking particular medications or treatments such as chemotherapy, or under stress and physiological imbalances general.

Man and thinning hair

In most men, hair loss is linked to hereditary factors, mind in other cases, however, thinning hair is associated with the presence of a structure weak and thin hair shaft, caused by physiological or individual treatments too aggressive. These can aggravate an already precarious situation physiological, leading to easy breakage of the hair, thus compromising the overall appearance of our hair.

Here are some steps to put in place to protect the hair, prevent it from falling, and volumizing the hair:

•   Hair dyes: not all dyes are aggressive for the hair. There are in fact specific products for hair weakened, no ammonia or peroxide, which do not cause any harm, and, indeed, provide body and volume to hair. you can try permanent dyes but also semi-permanent, the important thing is that they are applied by professional hairdressers, to prevent overexposure to the product damaged hair.

•    Volumizing: many volumizing products contain paraffin, a derivative of beeswax; this substance is harmful to your hair, because you will build up, appesantendoli and bringing them to break. However, there are some volumizing professional, available in many hair salons, in the form of mousse, for example, which have a light texture. Should be applied to wet hair after shampooing, so just dry them upside down to get a fluffy mane; to maintain the effect longer, you can apply a lacquer to light texture.

•    Shampoo: to protect your hair, especially when they are long, avoid washing them if they are dirty. Often a weakened hair tends to get dirty more easily, and then we are driven to frequent shampooing, thus damaging the hair. so it is advisable to wash your hair no more than twice a week, using only extremely delicate.

•    Fold: in the case of thin hair and weakened, we must always remember to avoid too close a contact with the hair dryer, so that the high temperature will further damage the hair. It would also be desirable to avoid the use of curling irons and plates, unless they are used before and after of the protective products for the hair.

•    Permanent: the permanent works through the use of chemical change in a long-term shape of the hair, from smooth to curly. In this way, the crown will have a surprising volume, which will help to mask the thinning, but, precisely because it is of chemical substances, should make a permanent bland, in each case as a last resort. It is always recommended that you get to do these treatments by skilled hairdressers, to avoid incurring further problems.

Thinning hair causes

Hair loss can be caused by multiple factors, different in men and women. Studies have shown that are lost on average from one hundred to one hundred and fifty hair every day. As already mentioned, in a normal condition, the hair through three distinct phases during their growth. More precisely:

•    Anagenesis: cells in the hair bulb begin to divide actively, going to create the new hair.
•    Catagenesis: the hair bulb is inactive and regresses, but the hair remains anchored in the scalp as dead tissue.
•    Telogenesi: is the resting phase of the hair bulb, which precedes the fall of the hair and its replacement.
About 10% of the total hair on our scalp is in the phase of telogenesi therefore go to represent those 100-150 hair falling daily. The average life of a healthy hair is usually about four and a half years; once dropped, over a period of approximately six months is replaced by a new life and growth of hair.

Among the reasons for the hair loss , we find:

•    Genetic factors: usually men tend to suffer from baldness and thinning hair more than women. Moreover, often those who have this kind of problem, he almost certainly a relative who has suffered and he is afflicted in turn.

•    Age: many men but also many women, can confirm that to the thirty or forty years the hair shaft tends to dwindle. This is most evident in men, where there may be excessive falling hair, much to experience a real thinning in the crown. It is shown that at about thirty years, one in four men began to suffer from baldness, while in our sixties this ratio rises to two out of three men.

•    Stress : an excess of physical or emotional stress, for example in conjunction with diseases or surgery, or simply loads during periods of commitments and concerns, such as before an examination, can accelerate the loss of hair. In case of stress, you can create two situations: telogen effluvium or alopecia areata. In the first case, which is the most common, the hair interrupt their growth and tend to persist on the scalp even for two or three months, after which they fall; grow back within 6-9 months. In the case of alopecia areata, however, it happens that the white blood cells attack the hair follicles, and the hair falls out within a few weeks; usually this phenomenon affects the limited areas of the scalp, but in severe cases can cause hair loss at the level of the entire head of hair and in some cases may also cover the hair at the level of other parts of the body. The hair usually also in the case of alopecia tend to grow back after a few months, but often need drug treatment to stimulate the hair bulb assaulted.

•    Variations feeding: the hair and scalp need nourishment to grow strong and quickly. By feeding are introduced in the body especially the essential amino acids to the hair, that we find in meat, fish and eggs in a particular way. When these substances are lacking in the diet, you may experience a weakening of the hair, and then in the thinning.

•    Hormonal imbalances often during pregnancy, adolescence or menopause, hair may be subject to change at the level body that can pass visibly on the texture of the hair shaft, on its shape, but also on the production of sebum in the scalp . The cause is to be found mainly in increasing the hormone testosterone, and in fact, women who have an increase of male hormones, which occurs mainly during puberty and pregnancy, they tend to lose more hair than the amount considered normal physiological . This is also the reason why men are more at risk of baldness, having a high concentration of testosterone.

•    Styling: shampoo aggressive use of the dryer at high temperatures, and styling can weaken the hair. Considering that these operations are implemented at least once a week, then it is not uncommon that the hair fall more easily.

•    Thyroid disorders: thyroid regulates the production of many hormones necessary for the proper functioning of our body. When this gland is not working properly, even the hair follicles are slowed down in their activities, often causing hair loss.
•    Anemia and iron deficiency: the hair bulb, in terms of anemia, does not receive an adequate supply of oxygen, therefore tends to reduce their activity. For this reason it is advisable to include in the diet foods rich in iron, such as meat, spinach, legumes and soy.

•    Therapies for cancer: chemotherapy primarily affects all body cells and slows their multiplication, and also at the level of the hair follicles. Usually, once the therapy, the hair will resume their growth in a few months.

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