Natural techniques to remove facial hair

Natural techniques to remove facial hairDid you know that there are natural techniques to eliminate the down of your body? Thanks to them, you save the cost of conventional hair removal, as well as irritation and other side effects. In addition, the down diminishes over time instead of pushing further.

Find out how you remove hair in the most natural way, using sugar and lemon or simply with a silk thread. Learn also to mitigate the down gradually with the help of turmeric.

Sugar and lemon

This method of hair removal is widely used since ancient times in ancient Egypt and other Eastern countries. You only need lemon and sugar. The method is similar to wax but is less painful, cheaper and more natural.

Today, in some countries, the sugar paste is sold ready, but it is very simple to prepare yourself.

We will need:

• 2 cups sugar
• The juice of a lemon yellow
• A little water if lemon juice is not enough

How to prepare:

Put the lemon juice and two cups of sugar in a saucepan or Dutch oven means. The juice should cover the sugar completely, and if not, add a little water to the mixture.

Heat this mixture over medium-high heat, stirring with a wooden spoon, until the sugar has completely dissolved. If you have a cooking thermometer, you can check the temperature of the mixture, which should reach 115 degrees.

When the mixture begins to boil, lower the heat and allow the dough to make thicker and spongy but manageable, slightly golden color, as if it were honey. If it has a dark color is that it probably burned and needs to be again. Under no circumstances should the boil over high heat for more than a minute.

Remove from heat and let cool

This sugar wax is applied the same way as conventional wax. Spread out the wax so that it remains only a thin layer immediately; pull the band in the opposite direction, that is to say, in the direction of hair growth.

For the sugar wax does not stick too much to the skin, you can put some talc on the area to be treated, which must remain clean and dry.

Finally, apply a little moisturizer or gel of aloe vera to soothe the skin. Any remaining pieces of wax, wash with warm water.

Silk thread or cotton

A surprising and natural way to remove hair, and surely the most economical, is to simply use a wire. This technique, known as Threading, has been widely used in ancient India or Egypt, and is still practiced by many women today.

At first, this method requires a bit of skill, and the first time it is best to consult a professional to show us how. Once we know how to do, it’s very fast and painless.

For this method, you have to procurer a silk or cotton, to be used as a lasso that catches the follicles from their roots, which is not aggressive to the skin.
This type of hair removal has the advantage of being very effective over time as the hairs begin to reappear only after 6 weeks. Moreover, they become brittle as and time measurement, unlike conventional waxing. It is possible to use this technique to the face.

Masks Turmeric

After waxing, you can prepare a facial or body mask turmeric because this spice has great properties for the skin and helps to gradually weaken the hair. It is an ideal complement to this treatment.

Just mix turmeric powder with water until a smooth paste but do not drop, apply it on the skin and leave on for twenty minutes before rinsing.

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