How to grow long hair at home

How to grow long hair at home

How to grow long hair at home? This question asked by many women, and after yet another failed attempt, bored with long hair “is not one or the other,” go to the barber and cut results failed otraschivaniya. Of course, and with short hair can look stylish, and time to take care of short hair less. But still, long hair female beauty standards. Why adults are so difficult to grow long hair?

Long, beautiful, healthy hair! This is not only an opportunity for pride and envy, priceless, lavish decorations for a real woman, a symbol of femininity.
Long thick hair indicates perfect health and strength offspring of women, wrapped owners.

Long haired woman gives a special magnet, attractiveness, and, according to ancient teachings, to protect women and their families from all that bad  it is their length should at least below the middle of the chest, close to the heart chakra anahata.

It is not enough just to have long hair. Long, but dry, dull, damaged hair, thin braid or depressing spectacle.

Therefore, of course, beautiful long hair is the result of painstaking work.

• In particular, it is necessary to heal the hair and restrict them from all possible damaging treatments.
• Second, to prevent cross-section ends, they ruin the appearance of hair, and the constant pruning tips will reduce to   zero all         efforts to grow hair.
• If you suffer from hair loss, you need to pay attention to these issues, strengthen hair and stimulate new hair growth.
• Finally, to accelerate hair growth.

So, first you have to create favorable conditions for the growth of hair. Complete beneficial to the body with hair trace elements and vitamins, enriched diet products such as vegetables, fruits, spices, cheeses, eggs, seafood, nuts and seeds. Add food supplements and vitamins and minerals. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

Stop destroying your hair coloring and perming, hair dryers, and irons from – if you set out to grow long hair, learn to do without them, it is possible. Choose a suitable treatment for your hair type, reject aggressive shampoo with silicone and SLS and styling tools (paint and styling foam).

Prevention section of hair.

Choose a safe hair accessories and combs made of natural materials.
Wash your hair very carefully, clean, hot water, and choose organic or homemade shampoos are gentle and safe and conditioner.

Do not brush wet hair, do not rub the towel, and its better not to touch them (how to properly wash your hair).

Protect your hair from the sun’s heat and cold. If the tips flogged, sliding their hot scissors.  

Mask for the purpose of the split and oil

Strengthen hair and struggle with the fall. Hair Extension and increase their mass leads to increased pressure on the hair roots, so it is important to strengthen the hair, or you may start to lose big hair.

Hair loss is often associated with stress, fatigue accumulated from the frantic pace of life. Relaxation, meditation, and enjoyment of life will solve many of your problems, not only hair loss, and change you for your femininity and harmony. Also good for strengthening the hair massages the scalp with your fingers.

Perform scalp massage every day, be careful, you could base (burdock, distance) iefirnymi oil, sea salt. Hair loss can help ordinary mask with colored boyfriend, aloe vera, tincture of red peppers, red onions (recipe mask is presented in the article “homemade mask for hair loss”).

Accelerate hair growth. When you have solved the problem of your hair and create favorable conditions for their growth, hair growth can be accelerated up to 2-2.5 cm per month by increasing the blood supply to the scalp. Blood flow to the scalp increases the strength of hair follicles and stimulates new hair growth.

Blood circulation in the scalp massage strengthening, which has been mentioned, and masks – mustard, tincture of red chili, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, nicotinic acid. Rinse hair decoction of nettle, chamomile or burdock root, but should not immediately after washing, and when dry hair.

With a comprehensive hair care and ambitious, you can reach the maximum of your nature – the fastest-growing hair, maximum length and thickness. However, it requires some effort and systematically – at that time, for quite a long period  time, as long as you get close to the desired length.

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