Diffuse hair loss : 4 types of Diffuse causes of hair loss in women

By | November 29, 2014

Diffuse hair loss

Diffuse hair loss – the type of hair loss in women, which manifests itself as a consequence of the sensitivity of hair follicles to the hormone dihydrotestosterone. Herein lies the reason for baldness in women in 95% of cases.

Diagnosis of diffuse alopecia, for physician-trihologa , is rarely difficult. Since the disease is explicitly and clearly defined picture.

Usually, after rasprosy complaints and you collecting anameza, eliminating all possible causes, requires a photo of the head, which obviously you will explore the development of the pathological process of hair loss in one or kind innomu.
Diffuse hair loss in women to classify according to the degree of baldness. Such forms of alopecia are standard and are observed in diffuse hair loss, they are called – “model of baldness.”

All models are summarized in Table baldness, called Ludwig scale.
There are three main types of diffuse hair loss, baldness forms of development in women:
•    Alopecia according to the “strip” or “I-shaped pattern baldness.”
•    Baldness type “genzda” or “0-ring baldness”.
•    Baldness “androgenetic type” when on the crown of the head is already praktichski no hair growth. It is extremely rare, but very dangerous case.

And in the end, if you run a disease, manifested called dandelion effectwhen all your bald head covered with a thin and sparse hair, is called alopecia diffus.

All types of hair loss are collected in a special table (scale), showing the most common form of the current process of hair loss.

Diffuse hair loss by type strips

Diffuse hair loss by type strips manifest increased hair loss all over the head. At the top of the head unit is presented begins “strip” in the form of “I”, through which punctured scalp hair thinning observed simultaneously in the frontal parietal, especially from the temples.

If you do not stop the process of hair loss, the next stage is already beginning to thin out the whole head. Gradually unit razrostaetsya strip across the crown of the head, forming a clear oblseniya shape with diffuse alopecia of the scalp over the entire area.

Diffuse hair loss by the type of socket

Diffuse hair loss of this type differs from the previous one, only the intensity of the flow of the process of balding. Please note this does not mean that the hair falls intense hair may fall out in small quantities, but the follicles fade much faster than in the first case. The process begins with alopecia as strips and first case, but fast enough to become significantly wider than the strip, forming a “nest elliptical”.

If you do not stop the process of hair loss, “nest” will razrostatsya on top of the head, the result – a uniform thinning of the entire head, diffuse pattern.

Diffuse alopecia androgenetic type

Baldness in women androgenetic type, is quite rare, and indicates a high concentration of the male hormone testosterone, while not rare in the manifestation of male secondary  characteristics in the form of facial hair on the body, a gruff voice. This type of hair loss, of course, is more common in men with hair loss – androgenetic alopecia.

Balding process can begin according to the “strip” type or “nest” with the only difference that a single strip, in the first case, or nest, as in the second case does not expand uniformly to the whole head. Instead, the process is totally, both men hair disappear completely, forming a hairless area, the process moves on until the crown of the head of hair will not stay or they rastui singly (see. Table III, Advanced).

Diffuse hair loss treatment

Treatment of diffuse hair loss should be conducted only after the qualitative diagnosis and elimination of possible prevoprichin. If baldness in women undergoing androgenetic type, you need a comprehensive treatment endocrinologist, gynecologist, urologist andorologa.

Treatment of diffuse alopecia in women, involves a number of stages, which include:

•    Stop the process of hair loss.
•    Reducing the sensitivity of hair follicles to the hormone dihydrotestosterone.
•    Recovering valuable work follicles, causing hair growth resumes with full completion of all phases of the life cycle.
•    Using the general schemes treat baldness.

Treatment of diffuse alopecia depends on the time of treatment. Unfortunately, the disease is so fleeting that the account goes on for months! Already after 2-3 months to save on your head may already be nothing.

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