Causes of facial hair

Causes of facial hair

It is well-known that the body protects the feathers of birds, animals – fur, and a man in body hair grow. They not only on the palms and soles of the feet. Body hair – sort of atavism inherited people since time immemorial. In the adult human body, there are about 300 to 500,000 hairs. By touching the hair toughest, most of all body hair in people with blond hair and what else has red hair.

Body Hair growth depends on the working adult sex glands. Male hormone increases growth of facial and body hair growth and prevent them in the head. Female hormones as opposed to contributing to the development of the hair on the head, but not on the body or face.

In medicine, there are two concepts that describe the excessive growth of hair – hirsutism and hypertrichosis. Hirsutism – excessive growth of terminal (coarse, hard) male pattern hair female. Terminal hair dark, hard, and long, not as bad vellus colored, soft and short. Only the appearance of hair on the chin, upper chest, upper back and abdomen. Appearance of terminal hair on the lower abdomen, lower back, around the nipple, in the hands and feet are the norm. Not identical with virilism country where women, in addition to manifestations of hirsutism, there is the development of secondary sex characteristics of males.

Such as hirsutism, hypertrichosis characterized by excessive growth of hair in areas where they are the norm, and can be observed in both sexes. Men do not suffer from this, but the problem women bring a lot of trouble and cause psychological discomfort to the emergence of a sense of inferiority.

Distinguish between congenital and acquired forms of hypertrichosis. A common form of congenital hypertrichosis, in which the entire skin surface is covered with long wavy hair – a very rare anomaly, progressive before puberty. In a limited form of congenital hypertrichosis unwanted hair growth on pigmented skin, often in the sacral area. A common form of congenital hypertrichosis treatment can not. With a limited way sometimes surgery may be.

Acquired hypertrichosis may form in places long skin irritation (rubbing ointments, bandages plaster), in patients with tuberculosis, osteomyelitis. Sometimes girls at puberty (puberty) or in postmenopausal women began to increase the growth of facial hair on the upper lip.

Increased hair growth in areas where they are not wanted – not just a cosmetic defect. The emergence of female facial hair can be a symptom of various diseases.

Often observed endocrine hypertrichosis associated with ovarian disease and violation of their hormonal function, adrenal cortex lesions. Less common causes increased body hair may anterior pituitary tumor.

Hypertrichosis often occur during pregnancy due to increased hormonal activity of the endocrine organs of the brain (anterior pituitary). Increased growth of facial hair on the cheeks and temples could be a manifestation of metabolic disorders.

Therefore, since the process of getting rid of excess hair, you should consult with a gynecologist, endocrinologist, neurologist about the possible causes of their appearance, so that together with the decision of aesthetic problems to detect internal defects and possible, and the combined effect of the cause will help to achieve the desired results faster.

In a recent increase in drug hypertrichosis induced by the administration of drugs such as corticosteroids, anabolic steroids. Prolonged treatment of male sex hormones also cause the growth of facial hair dark stone.

One vote cream (especially on the basis of lanolin) long-term use increases the growth of hair on the upper lip and chin. Therefore, it is not advisable to apply a nourishing cream, especially those containing substances and bio-stimulating hormone into the lower third of the face, because they improve the nutrition of the skin, including – the hair follicle.

Thermal beauty treatments, as well as the mask is absorbed annoying, improve microcirculation, increase blood supply to the hair follicles and thus contribute to the growth of unwanted hair. Therefore, the presence of facial hypertrichosis contraindications to the use of thermal infrared radiation, quartz, sunbathing, wax masks, mask potions and the like.

Creams that contain collagen, elastin and other biocream, it is recommended to apply only after 35 years, if not, you can increase the growth of unwanted facial hair.

Sometimes women themselves unknowingly contribute to the fact that the vellus hair becomes stiff and dark colored. This usually occurs as a result of shaving or plucking with tweezers.

So why grow hair on your face?

1. Hormonal background, but the presence of higher levels of male hormones – testosterone. This is primarily a medical problem, such as the ovaries and adrenal glands work with disability. To release a cause such as facial hair, standing in the first turn to the endocrinologist.

2. Heredity, genetic disorders. Some people in the world, mostly Caucasian women and south have little facial hair. The cause of hereditary of unwanted hair does not need special care and aesthetic problems easily help solve l aser hair removal, which is a method that is the safest and most effective.

3. Chronic Stress

4. Improper diet requires not only obesity, but also excess hair

5. When the menopause also appear on facial hair. All these problems are closely related to hormonal changes in women in adulthood.

6. unwanted facial hair may appear during puberty or pregnancy.

7. The girl’s face can be caused by long-term use of contraceptive pills.

8. Complications of the disease. For example, brain tumors, kidney disease, epilepsy.

9. Environmental problems can also cause excess facial hair.

10. Use of certain medications, especially those containing prednisolone, cortisone, hydrocortisone – corticosteroids.

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