bald cure in hair growth patterns of both men and women

bald cure

Bald cure appears, for the benefit of the majority of men “male pattern baldness” patients, women will androgenetic alopecia, but relatively rare, but male pattern baldness occurs in a woman who not only can not eat Bald cure, and even courage to know not touch, male pattern baldness female patients may try to make the treatment of hair loss tonic and shampoo, about two percent of the patients for curative.

Since Propecia (Propesia <Finasteride>) role is for 5-α reductase inhibitors, so that the impact of the mechanism of androgenetic alopecia (DHT) is inhibited, while DHT is causing vasoconstriction, necrosis of hair follicles, hair stops growing major DHT in the scalp and causes of common blood;. Finasteride reduces DHT concentrations in blood, 1mg of Finasteride can reduce 65% DHT within 24 hours is particularly dangerous is that Propecia can be absorbed from the skin, so long as women hand. touch, there is a dose enters the body, at this time if there is pregnancy, can lead to fetal malformations.

According Rogaine hair Pharmacia pharmaceutical research center a long-term survey, over 35 of the world’s women by about 40% have hair loss problems abnormality but not consciously, while women ages abnormal hair loss has occurred by a thirty-five-year-old to advance.

It is understood aspects of pharmaceutical companies, currently on the market for men and women of many related products and remedies, one of the most effective is the “Propecia” but for female hair loss, there is no good oral medication, it is estimated that there are around three thousand a day 000 women using shampoo hair loss treatment, to improve and solve the annoying problem of hair loss.

Hair tonic containing minoxidil ingredient is proven effective topical Bald cure, the efficacy of about two percent.

As for women, “male pattern baldness” and men “male pattern baldness” occurrence site is different, according to Rogaine hair research centers to the latest statistics, female hair loss and more from both sides of the head along the hairline began gradually thinning hair, serious, then you can see scalp, contrast, men are moving back hairline and bald former top more, but the earlier the treatment is, the more chance to keep hair.

In addition, the usual care for scalp and hair is also very important, such as the right to clean the scalp, the choice does not harm the hair shampoo hair thoroughly cleaned or maintained to avoid long hair ironing, hair tissue damage can be prevented, reducing hair loss. Supplemented by diet, regular intake of foods containing good quality amino acid protein, collagen protein, iodine, vitamin A, B, E, P and other ingredients such as: fish, eggs, beans, kelp, liver, lemon, carrot, sesame seeds. Are effective in preventing abnormal hair loss remedy.