Best natural ways to regrow hair

best natural ways to regrow hair

Best natural ways to regrow hair  your hair back like before, there are a few things you probably already tried several hair loss products. In packaging Chances are they do not do wonders they say it. It is often the case, and you are not alone, as many of them have switched to using natural ways to grow their hair. There are so many reasons for this.

Treatments that only make sense to look for alternative solutions and have the side effects are very common when it comes to new products. Regrow hair is the best solution that you will do. You do not need to use what is on the market. You just do things that are very important to note that hair loss can be stopped.

Many of certain herbs that really work well for this purpose and this are a great thing for you to know. I have to review in detail below.

Best natural ways to regrow hair is a thing in want every person. if you want your hair to grow faster, taking advantage of the small tips and soon you will enjoy growing and bushy hair.

Here I review 18 best natural ways to regrow hair.

Massage the scalp

Massage stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and nutrients more easily come to the hair follicles. Massage the scalp every day for five minutes, with the fingertips, or on dry hair with olive oil or coconut oil, rich in nutrients. Do not forget to rub even when you wash your hair. Use shampoo for hair loss because it stimulates the roots to grow faster.

A simple message in the head, can improve blood circulation. “Spoil” your head, to have oxygenation and transport of nutrients to the hair follicles, which ended with regeneration.

Take vitamin

Antioxidants and B vitamins help hair growth healthy and strong. If your diet is low in oil, seeds, grains and vegetables, it is better to take a daily supplement for hair, nails and skin.

Taking full of vitamins (A, B, B, 3, B12, C) can improve blood circulation and increase your hair growth. To stimulate it, it is also useful to take foods rich in iron and zinc.

Rejection of torture

Blow drying, ripple, clip, products containing alcohol and using silicon dry hair, and one consequence is a slow growing. For a time, he avoids all of these treatments and is limited to shampoo, conditioner, mask and natural products for hair styling.

Boiled onions

Fortunately onions are not only good at the table. How to use it for hair growth? Enough to boil them and then wash your hair with a strange concoction that would happen, Try it (eyes, smell probably not the best).

You sleep eight hours a day

And you have shown that not getting enough sleep increases stress levels, which affect the health of the hair, pushing their fall and slow down their growth. Eight hours of sleep a day to help boost your cellular metabolism, which in turn contributes to improve hair growth?

Eating a balanced

A balanced diet to maintain healthy body and stimulate hair growth, Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, zinc and magnesium are essential for healthy hair and strong. Foods rich in this element: cabbage, spinach, cheese, beans, nuts, apricots, citrus fruits, vegetables, fish oil, flaxseed, yeast and grains. All of these nutrients help hair grow faster and first.

Do not wash your hair too often

Avoid washing your hair every day because they become dry and the natural fat from the skin of the head, which has a role to protect the roots and ensure that optimal conditions for growth, decreased from time to time. Based on how quickly they become obese, try to wash your hair up to four times a week.

Wash your hair constantly

Keeping the skin clean (and possibly disinfected) by sebum, preventing the formation of a kind of antiperspirant on the same movie, which inhibits hair growth.

Little attention can really make a difference, such as shampoo and conditioner to avoid using chemicals, it may be too aggressive, which removes the natural oils that are produced by the body, will end up dry skin, and it is because of the fact ‘opposite effect.

Therefore we have to find some sort of balance when you wash it. Not too little and not too often, two or three times a week, always remember to use natural products or, at best, mixed with water and regular detergent.

Given that drinking water is good for anything, why not follow it? 10 or 12 glasses a day is average, then start counting, and do not miss even a sip.
Hair is composed of mostly protein and the rest…. Guess what ‘?


Moving in general is good for the body but also for the head! In particular, the ‘physical activity allows the blood supply in the affected area is usually so peripheral surface, such as skin, while the constant and daily exercise (at least 20 minutes) allows the intake of all nutrients needed hair.


Will end up dry skin and it Long hair with a good break and time to help the growth of your hair, helping to improve your condition and your dark circles, improving well-being. And due to the fact if you can use a soft pillow or even silk, then yes it would be better so the hair and skin, as it will have minimal pressure!

Stop for chemical treatment

If you want your hair to grow faster, for a temporary exemption for discoloration and permanent hair coloring too thick, These chemicals affect the hair follicles, and consequently that the hair becomes dry and fall, and especially their growth has slowed. The healthy hair coloring is done every six weeks applies color only the roots and leaves only five minutes for their entire length, to refresh the color.

Attention to medications

Some drugs cause slow hair growth, such as birth control pills, medication for heart disease, hypertension, gout, arthritis, depression.

Waiver of ugliness

Smoking, alcohol, coffee, and even carbonated beverages, slow metabolism, decrease the potential for hair growth.
Olive oil is a great ally of ours, rich in nutrients to make hair shiny and healthy. But do not overdo it; the risk is that they become too fat.

Coconut oil

To strengthen its action is very good medicine, one needs to apply every day of the hair roots to the ends carefully.

Rosemary and sage

Put them in infusion in hot water for a few minutes and then use the tea to wash your hair will soon benefit.


Preparations made from nettle root it are very effective. Even this plant stimulates hair growth and at the same time combating dandruff.

Henna powder

if you are one of the lucky ones who use this as a powder, you’ll be pleased to know that in addition to providing a healthy and gloss to the hair, henna helps to counteract the fall.

Egg Yolk

Used since ancient times, the yolk is a real cure for hair. Alone or mixed with olive oil and lemon remains one of the most effective natural remedies.

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